At Weft, there are no levels of learning. Students learn side-by-side, each on their own journey. If there is a loom available, there is space for you to join us! Want to bring multiple people at once for a group retreat, birthday party, or homeschooling class? If the time slot is available, the loom and instructor are, too!

Intro Session

2.5 hrs | $70/person (inc. setup & materials)

Learn about Wabi-Sabi Weaving™ and the creative freedom it offers. Your Intro Session will provide an overview of the equipment and techniques of Wabi-Sabi Weaving™. You will then be set loose to have fun! We’re here to answer questions along the way.

  • No experience required
  • Begin weaving immediately on a prepared loom
  • Learn about Wabi-Sabi Weaving™ and the creative freedom it offers
  • Your artwork goes home with you
  • First visit only
  • Save your work for a future session (+$5)
  • Wider warp (+$5/hr)

Standard Session

1+ hrs | $20/hr/person (+ $15/session setup & materials fee)

Continue your Wabi-Sabi Weaving™ journey with additional time at the loom—as much as you would like! We can save your work between sessions, so you can produce a larger project over time (if you wish).

  • 2 hours recommended 
  • Prerequisite: Intro Session
  • Weave on a prepared loom
  • Build more skills and techniques as you explore your creativity
  • Your artwork goes home with you
  • Extend your session ($10/half hour) if space is available
  • Save your work for a future session (+$5)
  • Wider warp (+$5/hr)

Mini Sessions 
for Kids

1 hr | $35/child (inc. setup & materials)

Kids love weaving. Many find it calming and enjoy playing with color and texture. Our Mini Sessions for Kids provide a quick lesson and get kids weaving quickly. You’ll be surprised what they can accomplish!

  • Ages 5-11
  • Weave on a prepared loom
  • Shorter session to introduce young artists to Wabi-Sabi Weaving™
  • Small loom available for youngest weavers (based on availability)
  • Artwork goes home with child

Gift Cards Available!

Give the gift of weaving with a Weft gift card. A great way to introduce a friend to weaving or to help power their weaving addiction! Available at any size ($70 suggested for a new weaver intro session; for a current weaver $65 and for a child $35.) Just click to below, and we can make arrangements.


Here are answers to some common questions. Have a question not on the list? Feel free to drop us an email.

Our sessions are open to everybody, regardless of prior experience. Traditionally trained weavers may actually need to unlearn some of the perfectionism they’re used to, to mentally limber up! Wabi-Sabi Weaving™ is easy to learn and very forgiving. Once you know the basics, you can continue to explore this art form over time.

We are amply equipped with SAORI looms, from Japan. These mechanical marvels actually allow us to remove the mechanism that holds your weaving project. That means we can store it for you in case you plan on coming for multiple sessions to complete a larger project.

Our Intro Session and Kids Session include materials. For our Standard Session, we have a materials and setup fee of $15 per session, regardless of session length. We offer high-quality fiber, often including had-spun art yarn made in-house. We need to recoup our expenses.

If you have some fiber you want to use, you are free to bring it. We even have a device that enables shredding of clothing, so if you have some clothes that are past their prime (or have sentimental value), you can work them right into your weaving!

Initially, you might want to make a wall hanging (simply because less time is required). But it is also possible to make artful wraps, scarves, shawls, place mats, hand towels, and avant garde fashion! We do not offering sewing on site, but we can direct you to some great books that provide patterns and then you can sew on your own.

While we may offer these activities as special events, they are not a standard offering.

If there is space, you can sign up as many people as you wish. A maximum of six looms are available. You will find that everybody gets ample attention, no matter how many attend.

Sure! We also have a mini-fridge on-site to chill it, if you like. We also have hot water, so if you would like to brew some tea, bring it along!

Tara Kiley-Rothwell

Tara Kiley-Rothwell (1962-2021) was an inspiration to many weavers, through her work as an weaving instructor and as a member of the Lancaster Spinners and Weavers Guild, the Central Pennsylvania Handweavers Guild, Mid Atlantic Fiber Association, and the annual Sheep-to-Shawl competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Weft is located just a half-block from where Tara changed many lives at her Kite Tales SAORI Weaving Arts Studio. The looms in Weft come from Tara’s studio, and we are honored to continue her legacy.