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Weft is cleverly hidden in an alley that parallels East Main Street, Mechanicsburg. To find us, locate 310 East Main Street, turn the corner, and loop around to the back. We’re on the alley between Walnut and Chestnut Streets. You can park right behind the studio (a one-story red block building). We also maintain a small lot nearby, which we share with Fathom Studio, a local design agency. There is also nearby parking on Chestnut Street.

Tara Kiley-Rothwell

Tara Kiley-Rothwell (1962-2021) was an inspiration to many weavers, through her work as an weaving instructor and as a member of the Lancaster Spinners and Weavers Guild, the Central Pennsylvania Handweavers Guild, Mid Atlantic Fiber Association, and the annual Sheep-to-Shawl competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Weft is located just a half-block from where Tara changed many lives at her Kite Tales SAORI Weaving Arts Studio. The looms in Weft come from Tara’s studio, and we are honored to continue her legacy.