Wabi-Sabi Weaving

In weaving, the “weft” is the thread that is passed back and forth through the vertical strings (called the warp) to create fabric. Weft (the studio) shows people the ins and outs of weaving in a fun, friendly environment. You’ll be creating colorful, cozy creations in no time—to hang on your wall, wear, or give as gifts.

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What We Offer

Weft provides weaving instruction in a calming and supportive environment. You’ll be weaving in no time, and we offer opportunities to continue your journey as much as you like.

Our knowledgeable instructors will get you up to speed in to time, so you can have fun weaving!

Bring some friends for a fun, social experience that enables you to create while you catch up.

Come back to expand your knowledge and work on larger projects over time.

Discover Wabi-Sabi Weaving™—and learn a little bit about yourself, too.

Weft is here to help you weave without self-judgement, to play, to work through whatever’s in your head and make into something tangible. No matter how old you are or how artful you think you can be, we think you’ll find weaving at Weft is fun and deeply gratifying.

Tara Kiley-Rothwell

Tara Kiley-Rothwell (1962-2021) was an inspiration to many weavers, through her work as an weaving instructor and as a member of the Lancaster Spinners and Weavers Guild, the Central Pennsylvania Handweavers Guild, Mid Atlantic Fiber Association, and the annual Sheep-to-Shawl competition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Weft is located just a half-block from where Tara changed many lives at her Kite Tales SAORI Weaving Arts Studio. The looms in Weft come from Tara’s studio, and we are honored to continue her legacy.